Posted by Clay Murray on 6th May 2021

About Postage Meters



A postage meter is a metering device that allows you to create and attach physical evidence regarding posting to your mailed items. It is one of the most adaptable technologies that has resulted in a supreme benefit to companies across all industrial sectors. 

It is an easy-to-use mailing system that incorporates all the features to enhance the functionality of business operations regardless of its size. It proffers adequate support to enable your company to grab a top market position, supervise the postage expenses, and fortify the internal and external communication with customers.

Following are the companies who are authorized to rent or lease postage meters in the USA:

• Quadient (Formally Neopost)

• FP Mailing

• Pitney Bowes

• Hasler

• Data Pac

While postage meters hold a long list of benefits that it brings to the table, the primary reasons for the companies making this choice are:

  • Budget- the rental cost of these machines per month is fairly nominal compared to the boons it renders for the company’s financials. This makes it an incredibly cost-effective solution to comply with their mailing strategies.
  • Postage usage in dollars- the postage usage in dollars makes up for the next cause of the companies' recommendation for postage meters. Having to operate in the United States, this factor counts significantly in their choice of option.
  • Mail volume- considering the massive mail volume that the company has to cater to, postage meters reduce the workload substantially with its automated procedure. The machine is designed to calculate the rate and print postage automatically.
  • Types of mails- the machine holds the capability of dealing with a wide variety of mails. Whether it's letters, boxes, or flats, a postage meter can be supremely valuable in accelerating your business.

The types of machine that they market follow under these categories:

Small stand-alone postage meters
Small post meters are designed by keeping the requirements of small-scale businesses in mind specifically. Due to the low volume of mail, these businesses do not exact a speed of more than 15-40 letters per minute. These meters are equipped with a built-in scale that weighs no more than ten pounds and can develop a graphical image for the postage.

Medium postage meters with Auto and Semi-Auto Envelope Feeders

These meters are ideal for medium to large-scale businesses dealing with a massive volume of mail throughout the week. Being auto or semi-auto envelope feeders, they hold the capacity to stamp, seal, and stack. It can handle various shapes and sizes, with a speed of 100-200 letters per minute. The machine acquires a built-in scale of 15 pounds with an extra option of maximizing it up to 100 pounds together with the ability to generate a customizable graphic.

• Large postage meters:
These are a perfect suit for large-scale organizations that require a large number of advancements and functions. They are employed with auto-feed fast envelope feeders that can stamp, seal, and stack the postages with its built-in scale of 15 pounds that can be elevated up to 150 pounds. They are manufactured to have an exceptional speed of 350 letters per minute.
While the machine renders is versatility and productivity in the best of all ways possible, it does require some key supplies to perform adequately. These are the three postage supplies that the machine needs:

• Postage Meter Ink

• Sealing Solution

• Postage Tape

The easy-to-use build-up, incredible processing speed, extraordinary productivity, and cost-effectiveness is what makes this device a perfect one-stop solution to all mailing problems for these companies.

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